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PepperPing is a totally free ping tool, with a modern GUI, developed to support me during my daily job (I’m a SysAdmin).
Basically I needed a graphical ping tool, nice to see but with strong and detailed log features also, in order to continuously monitor my internet lines (FTTH, FTTC and xDSL) and, at the same time, to keep track of network devices uptime (PCs, printers, routers, firewalls, IoT devices, etc.).
So, PepperPing is primarily an unattended software that monitor something for you.
Since it could be helpful to other IT pros or everyone needs an advanced ping tool, I wanted to publish it for free.


  • Ping hostname or IP address, continuously
  • Ping” TCP ports, continuously  NEW
  • Detailed stat logs generation (text logfile)
  • Send alerts by mail when n failed ping occur
  • Send recap mail every n hours
  • Customizable packet size (payload)
  • Customizable ping time interval
  • Emit a sound (beep) when a successful and/or failed ping occurs  NEW
  • Command line parameters
  • Show your public IP address
  • Show your pc hostname, local IP and MAC address
  • Modern GUI, customizable color appearance
  • Automatic updates

Important Notes

This software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Supported OS

Windows 11 – 10 – 8 – 7

Windows Server 2019 – 2016 – 2012


PepperPing TCP Port Ping

PepperPing SMTP Mail Settings

PepperPing Color Appearance

PepperPing Log File

PepperPing Software Folder