PepperPing Batch is ready

PepperPing Batch is the batch version of PepperPing.

It has less features than the full version: you run it by CMD command, using an extremely simple syntax, without any GUI.

Like the full version, it generates a detailed log file.

But the most important thing is you can schedule it through Windows Task Scheduler, in order to run it (i.e. on a server) without need to logging in.

PepperPing Batch requires 2 XML files in order to run correctly:

  • session.xml – In this file you have to set the URL to ping and some other options like ping interval (in milliseconds), max nr. of alter mails per session, log just the failed ping or even the the successful ones, enable the recap mail and so on.
  • settings.xml – In this file, instead, you have to set the Log folder path and the SMTP parameters.

After you placed pepperping_batch.exe, session.xml and settings.xml in a dedicated folder, you can run it in this way: pepperping_batch.exe session.xml settings.xml

You can download it here